When God speaks do you listen?

“But there is a spirit within people, the breath of the Almighty within them, that makes them intelligent”
    Job 32:8

Some call it a gut feeling, instinct, or mother’s intuition; but what if it’s not any of those? What if it’s the voice of God? What is there is a manual for life, for raising children, and for being a good person?

So many times we chalk this little voice up to something else…because what else could it be? Is our God bigger than that little voice I hear? Is it because I’m just really good at reading people?

Let’s say that you are in line at the drive through and look in the mirror and notice that the person behind you is obviously having a rough day. Suddenly a thought pops into your head “Hey, I’m going to pay for their coffee”. It’s a great thing to do, it makes someone’s day, and makes us feel good the rest of the day too. However, is that really our thought, or did God pop in to say “Look at your brother behind you, he is struggling. Show him love, show him my love through you!”

When your child says “Mom, can I go to the mall with so-and-so” and suddenly a wave of panic washes over you and you just know it’s not a good idea! Is that really your mother’s intuition or is it God saying “I have trusted you to care for my children, to keep them safe and cared for. It is your job to protect them; but I will guide you”.

What about when we decide to ignore the voice, when God starts speaking to us directly instead of always through our parents? When God says “No my child, that person isn’t right for your life” but we ignore it because in the moment it seems right. Later on, we end up hurt and crying because that person, in fact, was not right for our life.

It takes time for some to learn to listen to that voice. Many have learned the hard way that is is always right and some have paid the ultimate price by not listening.

As Christians, I ask you that the next time you get a feeling that you would normally chalk up to instinct, slow down and take a moment to realize and share that God has spoken to you and then sit back and watch the testimonies pour in! When we can show the work of Christ through our actions, we will make believers out of even the weakest of souls!

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for the wisdom to listen to your voice when it speaks to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen!